ASUS UX31 Zenbook Sentelic Touchpad Driver Problem – With Solution

For those of you who use the UX31 and have installed the Sentelic touchpad driver (FspUip.exe), you might have noticed it’s severely buggy behaviour of constantly chewing the up CPU when your Windows 7 system is has gone into power save and turned off the display. You can hear the fan running hard during this time.  And you know that this will heat up your machine real bad. If you have your Task Manager or Process Explorer (Sysinternals) turned on and running before it goes into power save, you should be able to see the CPU usage history.

You should also have found that a lot of people have been looking for solutions to this problem. I probably isn’t a solution until Sentelic has a newer version that fixes this. They might have by now, I don’t know.

I decided to work around it myself and wrote a small app to basically kill FspUip.exe when the system goes into power save and turns off the display, and restarts it when it comes out of power save. So far it’s been working well for me. You can download the tool here.

AutoPowerApp.exe is the tool, and you can save somewhere in your system, and add it to your system startup. It assumes that your Sentelic software is installed in the default path of C:\Program Files\FSP\FspUip.exe. If it isn’t, it won’t work. Too lazy to make that configurable.

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