.NET Preprocessor Visual Studio 2010 Add-In Update

The latest version of VSDotNetPP (Version is available and can be downloaded here.

Following is the post from NTSTATUS:

Major updates and additions in this version:

Macros in open documents are now expanded in the file itself, therefore eliminating the previous message saying that the file has been updated outside the editor. This makes ‘Restore Macros In Source’ practical, but still not recommended

Context-menu item to expand macros. This expands all macros in the current document.

DOTNETPP.EXE is no longer included in the install

‘Expand Macros’ in context-menu:

Expand Macros

As before, building will automatically expand the macros. If ‘Restore Macros In Source’ is set, then the macros will be restored in the document after the build is completed.

All postings on the .NET Preprocessor in chronological order:

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The .NET Preprocessor Visual Studio Add-In

.NET Preprocessor Update

.NET Preprocessor Visual Studio 2010 Add-In Update

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